Wayman’s Way means a laser-like focus on:

Overall Health & WellnessWe promote the absence of illness, injury, and disease related to the six components of health: (1) physical; (2) emotional ; (3) social; (4) environmental; (5) mental; and (6) spiritual.

 The location of the Tisdale Foundation in the Wayman L. Tisdale Specialty Clinic facilitates referrals of nearby residents to physicians within walking distance of their homes. The Tisdale Foundation partners with the Tulsa Health Department’s North Regional Health and Wellness Center in promoting nutrition—specifically, the importance and power of selecting and preparing healthier meals—at no cost to our clients. It may be cliché, but it is nonetheless true: “You are what you eat.” In some cases, healthier lifestyles preclude the need for amputations, and thus for prostheses.

  • Childhood Health EducationWe promote continuous learning and the quest for knowledge about health and wellness among children.

 Health awareness must begin early. The Tisdale Foundation partners with nearby elementary schools to promote the consumption of a balanced diet, working with students to plant and harvest fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and other beneficial and ecologically-friendly vegetation. Malleable young minds expand as they understand and appreciate nature while laying the foundation for life-long, healthy lifestyles.